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Attract Money and Abundance Into Your Life

The law of attraction, made famous by the DVD and book The Secret, is an extremely powerful and unchangeable universal law.  Your thoughts, those buried deep within your subconscious mind, determine your life experiences.  In other words, when your subconscious mind believes something as truth, things will line up before you to make those beliefs …

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Which Works Better – Hypnosis or Subliminal Messages?

Hypnosis and Subliminal Messages both communicate with the subconscious where they reprogram your mind with positive beliefs.  But, which one is better?  The answer really lies with you. Both are incredibly powerful means for altering behavior, habits, fears, and phobias.  They are both extremely effective at communicating with your subconscious mind and changing underlying thoughts …

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Positive Thinking Made Simple With Hypnosis

Positive thinking is so powerful it can literally change lives.  When you think positively and approach life with high expectations and enthusiasm amazing opportunities present themselves giving you incredible possibilities.  With positive thinking all things are achievable; health, wealth, and abundance.  When you expect the worst, the worst will come to pass.  When you go …

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What Does This Unique Pillow Have in Common With Hypnosis?

Okay, so hopefully I’ve piqued your curiosity.  What does this very specific pillow have in common with hypnosis?  This brilliant pillow has a built in speaker that allows you to drench your mind with hypnotic suggestions, subliminal messages, or dream programming music while you sleep. Your head is engulfed in comfort while your mind listens …

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Hypnosis Helps Build Self Confidence

Confidence is an empowering trait.  When someone exudes confidence it helps them achieve their goals, do well in their career, attract people to them, do well in social situations, and take risks.  Confidence is a powerful thing.  Confidence is something you can improve even if you are shy and introverted. Hypnosis can help you improve …

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6 Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Hypnosis

There are a number of negative myths and misconceptions about hypnosis floating around out there.  These beliefs keep people from ever trying this extraordinary life improvement tool. Hypnosis is actually an incredibly powerful field that has made tremendous positive changes in people’s lives.  But, with power comes nay sayers who start myths out of ignorance …

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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis or Subliminal Messages

Smoking is an incredibly difficult behavior to quit and can end up being so frustrating that it just doesn’t happen.  When attempting to stop smoking your conscious mind says yes to quitting while your subconscious mind says no way!  They don’t agree and so a fight ensues that the subconscious mind will always win and …

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What is the Difference Between Subliminal Messages and Hypnosis?

While both subliminal messages and hypnosis both communicate with the subconscious mind, they do it in different ways. Subliminal messages are embedded into audios, text, and video. They are undetectable to the conscious mind, but the subconscious mind detects and understands them as reality. They help to gently change negative thoughts and beliefs into positive …

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Subliminal Messages Help Alter Behavior

Subliminal messages allow you to absorb new information, affirmations, and suggestions into your subconscious mind making it easier and more convenient to alter your behavior.  Studies show that it’s an incredibly effective tool for changing thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions which in turn change behavior. Subliminal messages can be embedded into audios allowing you to simply …

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How To Learn Fast With Hypnosis

Amazing opportunities can be yours when you have the ability to learn fast. Hypnosis is an incredible tool that can give you the ability to learn quickly.

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