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Conversational hypnotism, also referred to as covert hypnosis, is the ability to hypnotize other people and communicate with their subconscious mind without them realizing that they have been hypnotized.  Conversational hypnosis is a tremendous tool that can:

  • Instantly attract people to you
  • Inspire others to follow you or your cause
  • Turn people into eager buyers
  • Help you detect when someone is telling a lie
  • Persuade others and control conversations
  • You can do all of these things in a simple conversation

Careful use of words and body language penetrate the subject’s subconscious mind bypassing the analytical conscious mind and can significantly alter their behavior.  Unaware of the fact that they have been hypnotized, the subject feels as though they were the one to make the decision.

With covert or conversational hypnosis you can plant suggestions, bring people into a trance state and communicate with their subconscious mind with ease.  Once you begin communicating with the subconscious mind you can conversationally make suggestions and recommendations to gain the things you want in life.  People will be drawn to you like a magnet and will go out of their way to please and give you things you desire.  You can persuade anyone without them realizing it and they will actually think it was their idea.  With just a slight change in your tone of voice, your body language and the way you look at someone you can make just about anyone do anything you want them to.

Covert hypnosis becomes an unstoppable force when three remarkable disciplines are combined.  Each one on its own is very effective and can gain amazing results, but when you combine all three into covert hypnosis the results are astounding.  The three disciplines I am referring to are: hypnosis, NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) and mentalism.

Hypnosis is the ability to hypnotize people and communicate with their subconscious mind to alter behavior.

NLP is the art of conversation.  NLP allows you to establish an extremely positive rapport with people and then get them to WANT to do things for you.

Mentalism is the ability to create false realities.  With these false realities people will believe anything you tell them.

When you learn and implement all three of these disciplines into the form of covert hypnotism you have within you a set of life changing tools.  Rapid induction (putting someone in a trance state) can be performed through seemingly innocent conversation.  Then within that conversation you have the ability to make suggestions and plant ideas into their subconscious mind.  You have the ability to alter behavior.

Conversational hypnosis is just one technique in the extraordinary field of hypnosis.  It is a discipline that allows you to take complete control over your life and achieve greatness.  You don’t have to be a magician, psychic, or gifted in any way to master covert or conversational hypnosis. Once you have developed the necessary skills to be successful at covertly hypnotizing people you will be on your way to getting everything you may want or need in life.

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