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Sound Asleep Pillow

Okay, so hopefully I’ve piqued your curiosity.  What does this very specific pillow have in common with hypnosis?  This brilliant pillow has a built in speaker that allows you to drench your mind with hypnotic suggestions, subliminal messages, or dream programming music while you sleep.

Your head is engulfed in comfort while your mind listens to life changing thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and suggestions.  It’s a simple and fantastic way to listen to your self help mp3s.  Your mind is surrounded by life altering messages that permeate your mind and help you make profound improvements within yourself and your life.

As you fall asleep your subconscious mind takes in the powerful hypnosis suggestions, subliminal messages, or dream programming music and listens deeply as your conscious mind rests.  It’s a unique way to re-program your mind and make remarkable changes.

Imagine drifting off to sleep as you listen to soothing and relaxing mp3s that do so much more than just entertain or relax you.  You can make huge leaps and bounds with changing your underlying thoughts and beliefs while you fall into a deep slumber.  Let your subconscious mind work on self improvements while you simply rest.

This pillow has a built in speaker that is nestled deep within so you only experience true comfort with optimal sound emitting into your unconscious mind.  You just need to plug your mp3 player into the cable and away you glide.

You can easily re-program your dreams so that they are positive influences in your life and easily change negative self doubts that keep you from achieving your goals.  Place constructive beliefs within your mind and take charge of your life, get rid of bad habits, and make exciting things happen.

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