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The law of attraction, made famous by the DVD and book The Secret, is an extremely powerful and unchangeable universal law.  Your thoughts, those buried deep within your subconscious mind, determine your life experiences.  In other words, when your subconscious mind believes something as truth, things will line up before you to make those beliefs a reality.

If you strongly desire to bring more money into your life but things just seem to spiral from bad to worse it may be that your subconscious thoughts are holding you back and keeping you from achieving your goals.  You may be consciously thinking “I need more money” or “I want to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams” but if your unconscious mind is thinking “You will always be broke” or “there is no way you will never be rich” then that is exactly what will come to pass.

You have to align your conscious mind with your unconscious mind so that money will be drawn into your life.  Your two minds have to both believe that you will be rich; it’s just a matter of time.  Your subconscious mind CANNOT waver!

So, how do you go about strengthening your resolve and altering your subconscious thoughts?   Your unconscious mind needs to be reprogrammed so that it believes without a shadow of a doubt that you will attract money and abundance into your life. 

You can do this by simply listening to a subliminal mp3 or a hypnosis mp3.  These incredibly powerful audios communicate with your subconscious mind and reprogram it to manifest your desire to attract money and abundance into your life.

They help to remove mental barriers that keep you from obtaining financial freedom and wealth.  They help you align your two minds so that the law of attraction will work for you without fail.

People who actually have incredible success with the law of attraction believe in it whole heartedly both consciously and unconsciously.  They don’t have negative beliefs keeping them from achieving their greatest desires.  They set an aspiration for something and they know with steadfast faith that it will come, period.  They don’t question it, they don’t hem and haw, they don’t have doubts.  It will come.

You too, can make the law of attraction work for you.  But you have to make changes within your mind; changes that take a firm hold and don’t falter.  Once you do this, opportunities will begin to present themselves.  Listen and pay attention for them and them jump all over them like a pouncing tiger.  Go for your dreams without hesitation.  Having strong unconscious positive beliefs will help you accomplish your goals.

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